B2B Content Marketing Audit

What works. What doesn’t.
What’s missing.

Does your B2B marketing content align with the buyers’ journey to deliver the appropriate, relevant content at the precise moment it’s needed? With a B2B Content Marketing Audit from Proteus B2B, we provide a deep dive, detailed analysis of your marketing content and current practices to reach, engage, and convert more prospects into buyers.

Detailed B2B Content Marketing Analysis

With our analysis, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your buyers’ journey. While it’s similar for all b2b buyers, there are typically certain key steps, best practices, etc. unique for any given client (e.g., think industry that is totally RFP driven). We’ll examine all your buyer personas—the multiple influencers and decisions makers involved in the purchase decisions. We’ll evaluate current content marketing assets including your website, blog posts and resource materials, and where they align with various influencers and decision makers on the buyers journey. Our content assessment will analyze each asset for quality, optimization, and likelihood to be found via search, to be shared via social media, and likely value for email marketing.

B2B Marketing Content Audit Report

At conclusion, our detailed, B2B Content Marketing Audit Report will identify what’s working, what’s not working, what’s missing, and recommend SEO content you must generate to eliminate gaps in your content mapping. You’ll get content recommendations for each phase as your prospects traverse the buyers journey—from outreach to connecting to engagement—and conversion from prospect to buyer to enthusiast to advocate for your brand, products, and services.

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