B2B Content Marketing Strategy

A roadmap to drive engagement, leads, and conversions

At Proteus B2B, we develop content marketing strategies for B2B companies to build credibility, authority, and though leadership positioning for your brand, products, and services. We help you reach key publics through a stream of consistent, relevant content, delivering value, sharing knowledge, and demonstrating your understanding of the issues. In doing so, we help you connect and engage as you generate leads, convert prospects to customers, and build and nurture long-term relationships.

Marketing Content Mapping

We help you define and segment personas for your prospects’ and customers’ purchase influencers and purchase decision makers, and map the appropriate content throughout the buyer’s journey. Our strategies align relevant content with each persona in each stage of the buying cycle, from awareness to consideration to interest to preference to purchase. We deliver gated and ungated content through a variety of communication channels, including web pages, webinars, eBook, case studies, white papers, blog posts, social media, images and infographics, video, and more. We evaluate and score existing content, identify content gaps, and recommend and create new content and ongoing content creation strategies to drive engagement, leads, and conversions.

Content Marketing Optimization

Our vast experience in SEO and optimizing content for search is a Proteus B2B advantage. We integrate SEO strategies into marketing content strategies to create keyword-rich, relevant content that will engage prospects and customers and index web pages and rank high in search engine results. Research studies report 57% of B2B buyers and completed their research and compiled their short list of vendors and suppliers before they ever talk to a salesperson. What good is great content if people don’t find it? With a sound content marketing strategy, we make sure all assets are optimized so prospects and customers, no matter the persona, keep coming back to your site and content at each stage of the buying cycle.

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