Analytics Configuration

The Devil’s in the Details.

One of the first places we start with new clients is making sure we’re actually capturing the data we want and that it’s being captured correctly. Sounds simple and obvious, but more often than not, we find significant problems. Far too often, marketing executives and managers simply accept the data presented to them, and far too often that data is incorrect, often because things haven’t been set up correctly. Generally, clients don’t have the in-house skills or the bandwidth to jump in and figure out what’s wrong. Too much is riding on your data to not get it right. There’s an old adage, “I know half my marketing efforts are working, I just don’t know which half.” We help you figure it out.

Web Analytics

Whether it’s Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, IBM Analytics or others, we’re comfortable diving in to assess whether matters are configured correctly to deliver the information you need. Sometimes we’ll find that all the information simply isn’t being captured, or that information is being captured, but it’s being attributed to the wrong channels or sections. We’ll often find that goal- and funnel-related metrics are improperly defined or defined to simplistically. Occasionally, we’ve even found goal-related data being duplicated as they occur, far overstating the success of the website or its campaign-related pages. The list of problems and issues we’ve encountered goes on.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is expensive. We help validate the integrity of the data going into and residing within such systems. Often we’ll find a significant and costly duplication of records within such systems. Cleaning that data up and configuring things properly has sometimes saved a single client tens of thousand of dollars. We also make sure reporting out of marketing automation platforms matches what’s being reporting in web analytics. Often we’ll find material discrepancies in the data being reported or in the attribution reporting.

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