Continuous Monitoring

Rest Easy.

Most agencies look at analytics once a month. That’s as long as 45 days after events have occurred. Not us. We’re always watching. We set alerts that notify us of unusual actively beyond expected parameters. If there’s a delayed response in a server at 2:45 am, we’ll know about it within minutes. We get up and fix it. If traffic suddenly spikes or tanks for a given section of content, we’ll know. And we’ll make adjustments. It’s what gives our clients peace of mind.

No Surprises

There should never be any surprises in monthly analytics meetings. Yet, you’ve likely experienced them. Why did our leads drop by 60% last month? Why is there no data for a ten-day period? Why was our site offline for four days and we didn’t even know about it? Why did organic traffic decrease go from a pace of 80,000 visits per month to 25,000 on March 18? Why are we just finding out about this now?

We don’t operate that way.

We know the value of a single SQL

We figure it’s our job to know much, much more than our clients do about the health and performance of their B2B marketing operations. It’s our job to tend things. To make sure things are working. And to fix what’s not. Depending on your needs, we can establish service level agreements that provide 24/7 response times. In a lot of cases, it makes sense. After all, your prospects, decision-makers, are searching for answers and solutions around the clock. At 11:45 at night. Sunday morning, after they’ve put out all the other fires from the week. The right sales-qualified lead is worth thousands of dollars. And the sale could be worth millions. We get that. That’s why we’re watching.

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