It’s Different.

Just as B2B marketing is different, so is B2B SEO. If you’re a business selling products and services to other businesses, it’s critical to optimize your website for B2B search. At Proteus B2B, we specialize in B2B search engine optimization. We understand the important differences B2B sales present, and provide comprehensive B2B SEO services with short- and long term strategies to help you improve your online visibility and prominence in organic search results. With comprehensive B2B SEO services, we’ll help you get found by more qualified prospects, earlier in their search, and more often through the B2B sales cycle.

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Icon representative of a B2B Marketer Decision Maker
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Average number of decision-makers in a B2B purchase decision.

Know Your Audience

According to research by Corporate Executive Board, an average of 5.4 people now have to formally sign off on a B2B purchase. And that doesn’t even include all the others that can influence the purchase. How many online searches do you think they conduct?

Let’s do some simple math. 5.4 people X 5 searches per month X 18 month purchase cycle. That’s 486 searches. Done by different people. All with different queries. How many times will you be be found?

One Opportunity.

Multiple Influencers.

Hundreds of Searches.

Will you be on the short list?


0 Percent

According to research by Corporate Executive Board, B2B buyers have completed 57% of the buying process before they’re even willing to talk to a salesperson. By that time, they’ve already chosen who they’re going to talk to. If you’re not on the short list by then, you probably don’t have a chance at the sale. Will you get found during their purchase research? Will you be on the short list?

You’re working hard. So are B2B prospects. Researching companies online. Searching for vendors, products and services just like yours. They’re narrowing down providers and creating their short list. Often before you ever know they’re looking. Or even exist. Are you even on their radar? It’s essential your website is working just as hard as you do to reach and connect with qualified prospects. That where B2B SEO and Proteus B2B can help.

What We Do


Our SEO Audit evaluates your current website’s performance,  analyzing over 90 factors that potentially affect your search rankings.

Keyword Research

Keyword research and site architecture is the gateway to greater online visibility to ensure you’re found consistently throughout the buying cycle

Technical Optimization

It’s essential to optimize your website for the search engines with technical factors search engines use to evaluate, score and rank web pages.



Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization matters. Not just UI for B2B users, but also for SEO. Google’s Mobile-First indexing and ranking algorithms makes this a high priority in terms of organic search.

B2B SEO Copywriting

We create website content to engage visitors with relevant, meaningful, compelling content that is also keyword rich with appropriate landing pages to index well for search.

Custom Programming

Our web developers provide custom front- and back-end programming including solutions to integration in-house data systems, forms, lead gen applications, dynamic content generation and more.

Link Building

Our long-term, B2B Link Building strategies help you build quality, authoritative backlinks to improve search rankings, increase online visibility, and drive more relevant traffic to your website to generate more qualified leads.

Site Migration

Be it a site redesign, new url structure, different CMS or other reason, we help you successfully migration your site to manage the impact of transitioning and avoid or minimize traffic loss and ranking drops.

Ongoing Optimization

We offer ongoing website SEO and maintenance to review analytics and update content to respond to algorithm changes, page indexing, page rankings and other factors impacting site visibility and traffic.

Complete Site Management

A complete turnkey, website management solution with a comprehensive suite of  services including design, build, content development, SEO, programming, hosting, and ongoing site maintenance and management.

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