B2B SEO Audit

An in-depth look at what’s going on.

To initiate your SEO website audit, we first talk with key stakeholders in your organization to gain an understanding of your desired goals and your marketplace and industry issues. We’ll examine a sample list the most significant keywords and long-tail search terms for which you would like to be found and wish to rank high in search results. We’ll compile a list of your B2B competitors and will review all web analytics available for your current site.

SEO Site Audit Process

With the information gathered in the initial SEO site audit meeting, we’ll evaluate your current website’s performance and identify indexing and optimization constraints. We analyze numerous negative and positive factors that potentially affect optimization and organic search rankings for your site—including on-page SEO, technical optimization, mobile optimization, content and more. We’ll also analyze key performance metrics to compare how your site is performing against your competitors’ sites.

B2B SEO Site Audit Report

At the conclusion of the B2B SEO Site Audit, we provide a comprehensive, detailed analysis of your site. You’ll have an understanding of exactly what needs to be changed to improve your site’s performance and the scope of work necessary to create that change. Your B2B Site Audit Report will include:

  • A detailed report on the current state of your website and analysis for how your site is performing for organic search, social media, internal and external links and other metric and data
  • A competitive review and analysis of your current site vs. key competitors’ sites
  • Action items and checklist to correct any factors negatively affecting your sites search rankings
  • Recommendations to improve your search visibility

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