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Balancing branding, marketing, creativity and SEO.

Great B2B SEO website content engages visitors with interesting, meaningful content that is also keyword rich with appropriately optimized landing pages to index well with the search engines. Developing B2B SEO website content demands a different mindset—balancing branding, marketing, and creativity with SEO disciplines. Our B2B marketing experience and SEO expertise is what makes us different. Our rich history with the complexities of B2B marketing and copywriting, and our expertise in B2B SEO, leaves us few credible peers in the marketplace.

On-Page is Vital

Great B2B content needs to please both site visitors and search engines. Every organic landing page on your site needs to engage visitors and resonate with relevant search engine queries for that page. Most creative agencies can’t do that; they don’t want to. But that’s our sweet spot. We like the technical, the complicated, the obscure. And we know how to make it sing for both site visitors and search engines.

Off-Page is Equally Important

In addition to visible page content, we go beyond copywriting, specifying all the off-page factors that contribute to good page-specific optimization. We specify all website page content—titles, meta descriptions, content, images, alt text, intra-site linking, coding, etc.—that factor into structuring, building, and programming your web pages to be search engine friendly.

Our Philosophy

If this content resides on your site, you should be optimizing it so more people find it. And find you. But easier said than done. Those strictly skilled in the traditional B2B marketing communications and creative disciplines are often not adept at SEO content development. And those who understand SEO are not experienced in B2B content marketing. That is what makes Proteus B2B uniquely qualified to create and optimize your B2B website.

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