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Hand crafting each organic landing page requires a substantial amount of analysis and time. Making that page sing for both the site visitor and the search engines is a complex task. In many cases, those pages get created one at a time. But in some cases, depending on your market, your industry, and your products, we can use data to help make the job a bit easier. And generate a much larger return on your investment.

A few lines of code. Thousands more visitors.

Using data driven on- and off-page content is smart. The key is knowing what you use, where to use it, and how to use it.

In one instance, we had dramatically increased the amount of inbound organic search traffic to a particular section of one of our client’s sites by using data and custom programing to drive page content. The results were amazing, not just in terms of traffic, but in terms of marketing qualified leads. With such a dramatic sustained increase, we wondered whether we could do better, and, if so, what would our next move be.

We identified one additional factor we could include in how data-driven, organic-landing-page content was being compiled. We made the change, and our already great results were more than doubled. All using practices acceptable to the search engines.

Not every client site has that opportunity, but many do. And when they do, we using custom programming to create data-driven organic landing pages.

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