Mobile Optimization

Mobile Matters.

Not just for users. For search engines, too. How your site performs for mobile determines how long people will engage with your content. To initiate your SEO website audit, we first talk with key stakeholders in your organization to gain an understanding of your desired goals and your marketplace and industry issues. We’ll examine a sample list the most significant keywords and long-tail search terms for which you would like to be found and wish to rank high in search results. We’ll compile a list of your B2B competitors and will review all web analytics available for your current site.

For Users

While 99% of B2B buyers use desktops to consume content, the amount of mobile interaction continues to grow. How your site performs for users determines how long they’ll stay on your site. If it takes too long to load, if it’s too hard to read, if it’s a poor experience, they’re gone. B2B buyers need to be able to quickly and easily consume and digest content via their mobile devices. And they need to be able to quickly and easily complete forms, if you want to increase conversions.

For Search Engines

In late 2016, Google announced it would shift to primarily looking at mobile content, rather than desktop, when deciding how to rank results. Those changes will likely be rolled out in 2018. What does that mean for you? It means you better get ready.

How quickly your content loads and what content is considered for indexing will affect how well your rank in the organic search results.

B2B Buyers: Devices Used to Access Content

Desktop 99%
Smartphone 82%
Tablet 56%

Demand Gen Report: Feb 2016 Content Preferences Survey Report

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