Ongoing Optimization

Get on top, stay on top.

Realistically, website SEO is never “done.” Website optimization is an ongoing process. Search engine algorithms change. Search behaviors change. Site content changes. Your market, the competition, and your customers are all changing. Constantly. Ranking and staying on top in organic search results requires staying on top of your SEO with an ongoing optimization strategy to manage the ever changing SEO landscape.

Ongoing Matters

Our ongoing optimization services regularly monitor site health with comprehensive monitoring to help ensure optimum website SEO performance.

Traffic Analysis

Analyze organic, direct, and referral traffic, sessions data, desktop and mobile usage, branded and non-branded keyword impressions, bounce rates

Site Accessibility

Review site for crawl errors including 404 errors, http 500 series internal sever errors, broken links, robot.txt, 301 permanent and 302 temporary redirects

Test site performance including uptime real user, and page load speed monitoring, server response time


Review site for appropriate page indexing, monitor and remedy issues for potential search engine penalization

Ranking Factors

Review all on-page and off-page ranking factors, optimize new content
Page content updates, blog posts, whitepapers, articles, videos, social media content

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