Technical Optimization

Technically speaking, it’s critical.

It’s critical to optimize your website for technical factors search engines use to access, crawl, and index your website. At Proteus B2B, we provide the technical expertise to optimize your website, negating potential technical obstacles and helping ensure search engines can freely access and crawl your site.

Technical Factors Influencing SEO Performance

We address a comprehensive list of technical factors that influence SEO performance, providing a deep-dive analysis of critical factors either facilitating or inhibiting technical site performance including site response to complex search engine algorithms, server configurations, crawl optimization, crawl error resolution, and site usability, speed, and rendering issues. Our technical SEO programmers and support specialists can work with your in-house developers or provide complete, turnkey technical optimization.

Our analysis and optimization recommendations include:

  • Crawl analysis
  • Technical server configuration
  • Hosting environment
  • Mobile optimization, multi-device serving
  • Content indexing
  • Dynamic content
  • Page attributes
  • Crawl errors
  • Internal linking, backlink profiles
  • HTML & XML site maps
  • URL structure
  • Page speed. rendering
  • Structured data, schema

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