Diamonds in the Rough

January 22nd, 2008 Posted by B2B Search Engine Optimization 2 thoughts

In the pursuit of boosting traffic, B2B marketers often search for the most popular keywords, those that will drive a large number of visitors to the site. In doing so, one often fails to recognize (and optimize) obscure, high-value keywords that can lead to a long-lasting stream of ongoing business from customers. Many of these keywords may not be available for PPC, due to their low search volume. However, they potentially represent millions of dollars to be captured via B2B search engine optimization.

Take, for instance, a B2B company whose goal it is to be an integral part of its customers’ supply chains. Landing a customer doesn’t mean one sale. It means a long-lasting relationship with regular deliveries on a daily or weekly basis. When these relationships periodically go out to bid, it’s often the purchasing department’s responsibility to find alternative suppliers to evaluate. In the case of new supplier relationships, an engineer in the prospect organization may need a supplier to help in the manufacturing of a new product being designed.

When searching for alternative suppliers, people in the purchasing department often get fed up with researching a lot of companies just to find out if those companies even have the capabilities to deliver what they need. That frustration often leads to some creative searching. Instead of searching for companies that extrude aluminum profiles, searchers may type in the number of the unusual aluminum alloy needed (e.g., those used in the aerospace industry.) In another example, in looking for a finishing company, rather than search for finishing companies, the searcher may simply type in the obscure number of the finishing specification needed by his customer (e.g., PV 98015 for the wheels of a BMW).

By remembering to include and optimize information related to these obscure specification numbers on your site, you make the searcher’s job extremely easy. Not only are you likely to be one of only a handful of potential suppliers in the search results, but your “knowledge” of obscure specifications creates credibility in the mind of the searcher, i.e., if you list this obscure specification number, this must be what you specialize in.

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2 thoughts on “Diamonds in the Rough”

  1. Marvin says:

    im a newbie in Search Engine Optimization and i still need to study more on internal linking. Currently, what i do to optimize my website is just make as many backlinks as possible.

  2. Search engine optimization is indeed an important strategy to increase traffic into your website. If you have an online business, more visitors mean higher possibility of buyers. And if you have a monetized blog, more visitors mean higher possibility of more people clicking on the ads. I do SEO for my websites and blogs. And this has helped me a lot in my success.

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