Can Social Networking Sites Deliver for B2B marketers? Absolutely, Positively!

June 11th, 2008 Posted by B2B Social Media 2 thoughts

A recent AdWeek article quotes FedEx executive Steve Pacheco as saying “It’s the next logical step for FedEx.”

He’s not talking about entering a new international market, or altering their business model, or a new Domino delivery option, like “30 minutes or it’s free!”

Nope. Pacheco is the Director of Advertising for FedEx, and what he was referring to is virtual delivery, via a new Facebook application. Now members of that social network can send one another FedEx “packages” that can include photos, links, little digital goodies, etc. The recipient clicks on the FedEx package to “open” it.

Traditionalists might smirk at such serous talk about a merely virtual presence that isn’t directly monetized. They shouldn’t.

B2B marketers have been wondering about exactly how to use social networking to their advantage. Well, with this move, Fed Ex is holding up a big blue and orange sign for them. Sure, Facebook users are a diverse bunch, and not all of them are B2B prospects. But it’s certainly safe to assume that many of them are now, or will soon be, working in businesses that regularly send overnight packages. In other words, prospective FedEx customers.

Somebody is going to be the cute little delivery service that Facebook users encounter in their daily networking. I guess if I were FedEx, I’d want it to be me.

Come to think of it, if I were starting a business services company, maybe I’d begin with a Facebook presence. Maybe if “Mike’s Tireless Wireless” became established as default virtual Internet provider, then maybe I could have the real thing up and running by the time those users enter the workforce and are looking for a real one.

It all sounds like fun, and I’d like to see what getting a virtual FedEx feels like. So first one able to find and “friend” me on Facebook, and send me a FedEx package wins a $10 Starbucks card. (A real one!)


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2 thoughts on “Can Social Networking Sites Deliver for B2B marketers? Absolutely, Positively!”

  1. Mike Marn says:

    Just a note — we have a winner! Jeff Gwynne of Boxford, Massachusetts successfully found me on Facebook and sent me a virtual FedEx. But thanks to the others who tried; hope you had fun discovering and playing with the app. (I’m sure by now you’ve used it at least once to “send” something to a friend, too!)

  2. Jeff Gwynne says:




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