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B2B Email Marketing Best Practices eBook

August 28th, 2009 Posted by B2B Email Marketing 2 thoughts
Image fo Proteus B2B's eBook on B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Our new eBook:

  • Features more than 130 best practices, strategies, and tips for B2B email marketing
  • Focuses on the most popular type of B2B email marketing—content marketing, such as email newsletters
  • Goes beyond the email itself, discussing how to integrate and leverage social media, web analytics, and search engine optimization
  • Covers general email marketing issues, as well as those specific to B2B marketing

Hot off the press, our new, 58-page eBook is a comprehensive guide to improving your B2B email marketing practices. We put this book together to help our clients and friends improve the results of email marketing to other businesses. (more…)

Are You Optimizing Your Email Marketing for Search?

May 6th, 2009 Posted by B2B Search Engine Optimization 2 thoughts
email icon in computer screen to illustrate optimizing email for search engines

I know at first that may sound strange. What does email marketing have to do with search engine optimization? Fact is, the most prevalent type of B2B email marketing is content marketing, most often in the form of an email newsletter containing several articles. Most email newsletters carry abstracts or snippets of the stories. Readers then click through to a website to continue reading—and that’s the crux of the matter.

I get a fairly large number of content marketing emails each week. I’m surprised how many of them come from companies who do a pretty good job of SEO on their sites, but don’t apply the same practices to the email marketing content hosted on their site. (more…)

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